Hellrazor's Shadow

Height: 17 inches

Weight: 65 pounds

Color: Blue

Lines: Hellrazor

This is our girl Shadow.  She is a solid blue in color.  She has a ripped up hard body, great structure and super healthy.  Shadow is a free whelper and great mom.  She is a proven producer of blues and tri colored healthy bulldogs.  Her pedigree includes Morpheus, Gargoyles Coco, Gargoyles Omen, Pacific Blues Madusa, Ozzie The Mad Russian & many more.  Shadow is one of our favorites here and has a great temperament.

Shadow's Dad...

Phoenix Blue Suede

Solid Blue

Shadow's Mom...

Pacific Blue's "Madusa"

Black Tri Color


Broad St. Bully Chyna

     This is one of our newest additions.  Her name is Chyna.  She is a blue brindle color.   Her parents are Carrera's Teddy & TexasGeez Gracie.  Her pedigree is stacked with dogs like Papa Smurk, Ozzie The Mad Russian, HogHouse Blue Berry, What A Mugs Blue Suede & What A Mugs Blue dove to name a few. She carries the blue, black and tri color genes.  She is super bully with lots of drive.  Her personality is great and we cant wait to see what she brings to the table in the near future.


Carrera's Teddy


TexasGeez Gracie


TexasGeez Lacey


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Lacey's Dad.....

Rare Bulldog's "Jeezy"

Black Tri Color

Lacey's Mom...


TexasGeez Nicky

Height: Still growing

Weight: Still growing

Color: Black Tri

Lines: TexasGeez

This is our girl Nikki.  She is a black tri color.  She carries the black and chocolate color genes as well.  She is one of our up and comers and we are happy with what we see from her so far.  Her pedigree includes TexasGeez King Koopa, TexasGeez Capo, Morpheus, Ozzie The Mad Russian, TnT Tsunami and many more.  We are anxiously waiting to see what she brings to the table next year for us.

Nikki's Dad...

TexasGeez "Rocky"

Chocolate Tri

Nikki's mom...

TexasGeez "Draya"

Black tri Color